Frequency vs Volume

I often get asked how many times you should do a drill in practice, and the thing is there is no magic number of reps, and what I would argue is that how frequently you do a drill is more important than the volume at any one practice. In fact if you do a drill for too long in practice the drill will go stale (they stop getting better and actually get worse after a certain number of reps).

Certain drills may have a time and place during a certain time of year, but then there’s stuff like pole runs that could be a part of every single practice. At Apex our athletes do 3-5 pole runs every practice. That means an athlete will do 390-660 total pole runs at the end of the year. I often get compliments from coaches on how well my athletes run, is there really a question on why? The frequency with which we do certain drills allows our athletes to continually work on various skills throughout the year and reach a high yearly volume by focusing on frequency.