Training Packages


Apex Vaulting offers various practice packages that fit the needs of our athletes’ schedules. The question that often comes up is, “How often should I practice?”


Most of our best athletes will practice three days a week, which includes jump sessions and strength and conditioning which is included.  However we always explain to athletes and their parents that everyone has different commitment, travel, and time scenarios. Some of our athletes travel over ninety minutes to get to practice, others have demanding academic schedules, and there are vaulters that only compete seasonally. We will work to give you what you are looking for.


 Pole Vaulting is a physically and technically demanding sport that requires time, patience, and dedication to see improvement. Payment is accepted on the first practice. Checks should be made out to Apex Vaulting.

Seasonal Packages

Seasonal Packages are the best deal and cover sessions through seasons that are at least 10 weeks long. There are no make ups, refunds, or pro rating of seasonal packages, and payment must be made in full by the first session.


Each practice is at least 2 hours long.

The Gold Package

Cost: $650

3 sessions per week throughout the season

cost per session $21.70

Monthly Packages

Monthly Packages are great for people who are joining the club in the middle of a season or cannot commit for an entire season for any reason. There are no make ups or refunds, but pro rating is available for monthly packages.


Practice sessions are 2 hours long.

Gold Package $410

3 sessions a week

cost per session $34.16

Silver Package $320

2 sessions a week

cost per session $40

Bronze Package $225

1 session a week

cost per session $56.25

The Silver Package

Cost: $595

2 sessions per week throughout the season

cost per session $29.75

The Bronze Package

Cost: $395

1 session per week throughout the season

cost per session $39.50

The Introductory Package


Cost: $150

This package covers three two hour practice sessions. If an athlete chooses to join the club after they complete the intro package the $150 will go towards whatever package they move forward with!

A Great Way to Try the Club Out!

Private Lessons $150